Email Setup

Registration is Quick and Easy


  1. From browser, enter
  2. Click on Register
  3. Enter your company name, first and last name, email address, provide a password
  4. Enter your eGoldFax Dealer Token. Contact your eGoldFax Dealer if you do not already have their token.
  5. Select your Time Zone.
  6. Click Register

Completing Setup

  1. To confirm your account, check your email.


  2. Click on link to confirm your emailconfirmation-email
  3. Save a copy of your Account ID Token (Note: Token required to register your Sharp OSA 4x MFPs)congrats

Managing Your Account

  • loginFrom browser, enter
  • Click on Sign In
  • Enter your email address and password
  • Click Log In
  • Click Forgot Password? if needed

Email Requirements

You will need to provide:

  • Unique Company Email Domain Name to authorize ALL email users from your company to “Fax Via Email” using eGoldFax. This includes on-premise Email Servers and Hosted Email Services, or
  • SPECIFIC Email Addresses to authorize only specific email users from your company to “Fax Via Email” using eGoldFax. When providing specific email addresses, the email address can be from an email service provider including: gmail, Yahoo! Mail, MSN Hotmail, AIM Mail, iCloud Mail,, Zoho Mail, Yandex.Mail,,, My Way Mail.
  • Import Email Users into your eGoldFax account