Fax from Scan-to-Email MFPs

Fax Paper Documents From Scan-to-Email MFPs

eGoldFax Cloud Faxing is easy to use on eGoldFax_Scan_To_Email_MFPsyour Scan-to-Email MFP. No software to download or install.

To fax paper documents, select Scan-to-Email from the MFP touch screen. Simply address an email message using: Fax Number@eGoldFax.com format. Provide the fax number and enter subject and message text for the fax cover sheet. Scan the paper documents. The eGoldFax Cloud Fax Service sends the fax. It’s that easy!

Benefits of eGoldFax for Scan-to-Email MFPs

  • Significant savings
    • No MFP fax hardware (save as much as $1,000 per MFP)
  • Scan and fax paper documents (for example, signed contracts)
  • No MFP fax line required
  • No software to install