GoldFax Authorized Reseller Program

(Covering the GoldFax and eGoldFax line of products, services and support)
Increase your product and service sales, and drive incremental revenue by reselling the GoldFax or eGoldFax fax solutions!

  • Your sales reps earn generous SPIF payments.
  • Owners receive healthy margins and/or monthly recurring revenue.

GoldFax solutions are perfect resell opportunities for: 

  • Multi-function printer (MFP) dealers.
  • Phone system resellers/integrators.
  • Value added resellers (VAR) or system integrators (SI).
  • Managed service providers (MSP).
  • Consultants or other IT or business services providers.

You have a huge opportunity to modernize your customer’s fax capabilities by enabling a cloud, on-premises or hybrid solution. For example, you can:

  • Cloud-fax-enable your MFPs — without fax expansion kits, modems or software. eGoldFax cloud faxing saves you time and installation hassles, and saves the customer big money (because they can cancel those expensive analog phone lines).
  • Expand your product/service portfolio by selling fax services.
  • Differentiate your offering from the competition by offering cloud faxing.
  • Show off the cloud-ready capabilities of your MFP.
  • Bid on more proposals, and win more deals!

The GoldFax Authorized Reseller Program makes it easy!

  • No formal training required, no reseller contracts to sign, and nothing to buy.
  • Free fax service for all your employees and office/showroom MFPs.
  • Free trial service for you to offer to all your prospective customers.
  • Sell GoldFax standalone or bundle it with your other services and solutions.
  • Sell it as a monthly service or package it into multi-year lease deals.
  • Extensive sales and marketing support.
  • Customized brochure with your logo and contact info.
  • Marketing content for your website and outbound campaigns.
  • Pricing calculator for instant quotes.
  • Product and sales experts to help you propose and close the deal. We can remain behind the scenes or join you on conference calls and online demos/presentations. We’ll even co-host webinars for you to educate your base of customers and prospects.
  • Bill the customer directly or have GoldFax do the billing/collections.
  • Offer customer support yourself or have GoldFax handle it for you.

Your Next Steps
With just a short phone call, you can be qualified to sell GoldFax immediately. Here are two suggested next steps:

  1. In all your sales or lease purchase/renewal conversations, begin prompting customers, “Can I add cloud-faxing capability to your proposal/order?”
  2. Let’s schedule a phone call or dedicated webex sales training session with you or your team.

For more information about becoming a GoldFax Authorized Reseller, please contact:  +1 714-695-1000 ext. 1