How Much Does Internet Faxing Cost?

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April 1, 2022
How Much Does Internet Faxing Cost?

Like any other business operation, your Internet faxing venture will require you to be cognizant of overhead and profit. Though it is not as costly as operating a conventional fax machine-based enterprise, Internet fax has associated costs that must be taken into account when calculating the bottom line.

To understand what those expenses are, we first need to examine how Internet faxing works. An Internet fax transmission is made by sending data over the internet, where it can be received and printed by a fax machine. Because the data are sent electronically, they can reach their destination faster than fax transmissions from standard machines.

For this reason, some companies use an Internet fax service to transmit invoices or other documents to their clients.

However, because you are using an electronic service instead of a physical machine, you incur lower overhead costs than would normally be the case. Moreover, most Internet fax services offer additional features that standard faxes do not have, such as multiple page transmissions and the ability to send color graphics. The cost savings can begin with the up-front fees. Many Internet fax services charge a monthly fee for the equipment and then a separate fee for every one of the transmissions you send.

The amount that each service charges may vary, but it usually falls between $10 and $20 per month. You can expect to pay more than this if you are using multiple pages in your transmissions, which can often cost $0.10 to $0.20 per page.

Is Online Faxing Cheaper than Using a Fax Machine?

Internet faxing is cheaper than using a traditional fax service for several reasons. First, you only pay one monthly flat-rate fee instead of paying as you go. Second, you can transmit multiple pages at once without incurring additional costs per page. Third, most Internet services offer support from telephone lines as well as internet connections. Phone line fax services are generally more expensive than using a standard machine. Finally, Internet faxing services often include advanced features such as archival and retrieval capabilities.

If you will be doing several faxes every month, you should consider signing up for an Internet fax service rather than continuing to pay the high costs of a phone line-based service. It is cost-effective and you may also find that many of the additional features are useful as well.

As long as your Internet service provider offers a constant connection to the internet and your computer has a modem with sufficient speed, you can send faxes through an online service in much of the same way you would use a traditional fax machine, which greatly reduces startup costs. You can also choose to pay for an occasional fax service rather than paying a monthly fee.

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