How Does Internet Faxing Work?

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September 3, 2021
How Does Internet Faxing Work?

Internet Fax, also known as Electronic Fax (E-Fax), allows you to send and receive faxes without the need for a fax machine. All that is needed is your computer, an Internet connection, and software that will work with your internet account. The software will vary depending on what service provider you are using to send and receive faxes.

A Virtual Fax Number is assigned to you when you sign up for an Internet Faxing service with a provider. The virtual number will be your own local or toll-free phone number, which can be forwarded to any fax machine, Internet email address, or both as preferred by the customer.

To send a fax using this service, you simply open the Internet Fax software, compose your message and attach any documents to be faxed. Once you are ready to send it, enter your Virtual Fax number in the "To" field of the Internet Fax program, choose a speed dial location if desired, then click on "Send." It is that easy! To receive a fax, choose a speed dial or virtual number from your Internet Fax account and keep the software open to receive incoming faxes.

Once you have signed up for an internet fax service provider, send and receive faxes in just a few clicks. There is no additional equipment to purchase or maintain because all of that is included with your Internet Fax account.

Online Faxing vs. Traditional Faxing

Although internet faxing is a relatively new technology, the concept behind it has been around for decades. With traditional faxing, an image of each page that you want to send must be placed on a special piece of paper, which is then physically sent through a telephone line to the recipient's fax machine. The sender can't see what they are sending, leaving room for error and forcing them to pay for each transmission.

Internet faxing is a much more convenient way to send a fax. The image of the page you want to send will be sent from your computer as an email attachment or uploaded into a secure website directly from your scanner or other devices that produce digital images. You can send files and documents as email attachments and receive them as faxes.

The internet faxing process is pretty much the same as traditional faxing, with the exception that you aren't physically sending a piece of paper through a phone line. Everything takes place electronically instead; saving both time and money in the process. Incidentally, the cost of sending Internet fax is radically cheaper than traditional faxing.

Sign up and Get Started

Internet Faxing requires very little in order to get started. The first thing you need is a computer with internet access so that you can send and receive faxes electronically. An email account will also be required for transmitting and receiving faxes. You can sign up with eGoldFax and start enjoying the modern technology in the faxing field. There are tons of benefits that you will enjoy with online fax services.

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