4 Misleading Misconceptions About Fax

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March 24, 2021
4 Misleading Misconceptions About Fax

Whenever you mention faxing, people are quick to dismiss it as an outdated piece of technology. Unfortunately, like VHS, compact discs, and radio tapes, faxes lost most of their use in the modern world. What most people do not know, however, is that the digital form of faxing offers a wide range of cloud fax solutions. This digital alternative of the more common traditional faxing technique is fast, convenient, and reliable. When used properly, cloud faxing is just as efficient as emailing or any other digital communication method. However, one cannot be completely convinced about the efficiency of cloud faxing until they get rid of the following misconceptions:

Faxing Is Not As Secure and Private As Email

Unlike the traditional era of analog faxes, now, an individual can own a fax machine for themselves. Historically, faxes, like computers, were not common and therefore an office had to share one or two among all the employees. This means that someone could easily get access to fax meant for someone else either intentionally or by mistake. However, now, people have individual fax machines, connected to a private computer. They then keep both the fax and the computer in private spaces, making interception and interference very unlikely. More so, faxes move in a point-to-point delivery mode without much room for tampering as compared to emails that pass through various servers before reaching the intended recipient. In practicality, faxes are, therefore, more secure and private compared to emails.

Faxes Are Too Expensive and Impractical

If referring to the old fax machines that used carton loads of paper and bottles of ink, then yes, they were quite expensive to use. That is why most offices preferred to have a communal machine as opposed to purchasing one for every employee. Modern fax machines however are digital, and therefore paperless. Cloud faxing allows the recipient to get an inbound fax message in their inbox. That said, unless they want to print the fax out, there is no need for paper or ink during message transmission. Being paperless makes the efax just as affordable as any other digital communication method.

Faxing Is Outdated

When one thinks about the easier and faster methods of communication such as emailing, texting, and making direct calls, one might easily say faxing is outdated. While this may be true for more personal and casual communication such as between friends and family, it is certainly not true for bigger organizations. Research shows that many corporations and institutions still rely on faxing for their daily communication. Hospitals, schools, and companies alike. Cloud faxing is just another efficient way of sending and receiving information between parties just like any other digital technique.

Faxing Is Difficult And Complicated

It is easy to dismiss faxing as a tedious mode of communication if you have faster routes of message transmission at hand. However, most people mistake cloud faxing for its analog predecessor, which did require some form of skill. Just like any other digital device that may not be easy to use from the word go, faxing too requires some patience. If you can operate a computer and the applications therein, then you can also operate cloud fax. You can send and receive your fax messages as you would an email. For the best fax use and operation, ensure that a trusted fax company such as eGoldFax sets you up safely and securely. You can get in touch with us via our website at https://www.egoldfax.com/ for all your fax needs. We offer professional and reliable services that keep our customers happy and content.

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