5 Primary Features in a Secure Fax Solution

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March 12, 2021
5 Primary Features in a Secure Fax Solution

Cloud faxing refers to the digital transmission of data instead of using paper and a physical fax machine. Any organization with internet and an account with a cloud faxing solution provider can enjoy cloud faxing services. Cloud faxing providers sell services that integrate with email programs. Depending on the needs, some organizations can set up more than one virtual fax number because it is scalable. For instance, each department can be assigned a unique fax number.

Cloud faxing comes with numerous advantages over traditional faxing. However, choosing the right service that's suitable for your organization with the right features could be a daunting task, and these could be features such as reliability, security, scalability, maintenance, and reliability. Below are some of the key features that can help in decision making.


Providers of healthcare services are required to follow the country's privacy laws. For instance, in the US, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) covers patient data protection. The act states how the patient's health information must be protected while on transit and how to keep it safe. Therefore, organizations intending to adopt cloud faxing to send health data must meet all HIPAA requirements. HIPAA stipulates security standards that include the following:

Encryption - Any data sent through the digital fax must have an end to end encryption protection that complies with the regulators' requirements.

Authentication - It needs to have authentication procedures to stop unauthorized user access, especially during inactivity. These include 2-factor authentication among other authentication procedures.

Physical security - All servers used for data transmission and storage should be located in secure locations.

Safeguards - These refer to any safeguards regarding the flow of information that meet the requirements of the regulators like the HIPAA

Audit Trails

HIPAA regulations require that an audit trail should be maintained for any information sent and received through fax. Therefore, when adopting cloud faxing, one needs to ensure that the product can generate an audit trail for any information flow and exchange.  

Total Control

One of the essential aspects of business organizations is to own and control communications that ensure smooth operations. Cloud faxing gives administrators full control with the option of delegating permission to access. Administrators also can create more security settings.  


Cloud faxing can streamline the organizations' workflow because it's possible to send and receive faxes anytime from any location using laptops or mobile devices. This flexibility is suitable for organizations that maintain a remote workforce because documents can be signed and annotated while on the move.  


Unlike traditional faxing, cloud faxing does not require paper, ink, or technical maintenance. To reap the financial benefits that come with cloud faxing, organizations need to be cautious when signing up for packages such as unlimited plans that could come with other hidden costs.  

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