Businesses Are Still Faxing

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March 24, 2021
Businesses Are Still Faxing

Did you know that you can still make use of faxing for your business communication? It is easy to assume that faxing is a thing of the past, but this is far from the truth. Many businesses still rely on faxing as the primary mode of communication. Faxing is considered to be a secure mode of exchanging information and this is why some businesses stick to it. However, times have really changed and although there are several companies that provide faxing service, it seems to be a daunting task for many users.

Does it mean that you will need to maintain a fax machine and phone line to continue sending and receiving faxes? Not necessarily. Online faxing is a better solution and gives you the convenience of using fax services.

What is Internet Faxing?

Just like other online applications, internet faxing allows you to sign up for fax services without using a fax machine. This is convenient as everything is digital and you will not even need to have paper or printing ink. With an email address and access to the internet, you will be good to go. Internet faxing is also referred to as e-faxing, cloud faxing, digital faxing, online faxing, or electronic faxing.

When you choose to sign-up for online faxing, this gives you the option to send and receive fax messages electronically using your email account. You will also enjoy the convenience of using the email application on your mobile devices to send and receive faxes, letting you send faxes on the move. With the online faxing option, you will have a virtual fax number that will be allocated to you. As such, this is similar to traditional faxing only way better.

Fax Machine vs. Online Faxing

Times have really changed and you need to keep up with the changes. There is a glaring difference between digital fax and conventional fax. Understanding the differences will help you in making the right decision. As far as the cost goes, with the old faxing you will need papers, ink toners, a fax machine, and a phone line. However, online fax is a cloud service and as such, there is no infrastructure required. All you need to do is sign up for an account and going forward you will only pay for what you need.

Talk about flexibility and you will realize that fax machines have nothing on internet faxing. With an online fax account, you can use the services anywhere as it is a cloud-based service. When you have a fax machine in your office, you will always need to be at the physical location to send or receive faxes. Digital faxing is also scalable, which ensures that your needs are met in the best way possible.

Make the Right Choice and Keep Faxing

Here is the perfect chance to finally get rid of the old fax machine. You can still keep sending and receiving faxes using your online fax account. Make the best choice for your business today and enjoy the convenience and flexibility of online faxing. 

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