How Does Cloud Fax Boost Interoperability In Healthcare?

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July 27, 2021
How Does Cloud Fax Boost Interoperability In Healthcare?

Faxing has been a prominent mode of communication in healthcare for many years. However, this technology has become outdated. Even healthcare providers, who have used faxing for communication in the past, find it frustrating because of security issues and inefficiencies. Cloud faxing, also known as e faxing, has grown as a go-to solution to this problem. E faxing enables secure and efficient information exchange across healthcare facilities and partners. 

One of the benefits of cloud faxing is interoperability. Because of its centralized nature, cloud faxing lets healthcare providers communicate with each other and exchange information across several digital software platforms. Let us take a look at how cloud faxing boosts interoperability in healthcare.

Facilitates Communication Between EHRs

Over the last few decades, healthcare facilities have adopted electronic health records (EHRs) for privacy and security purposes. These electronic records are used to store private and sensitive patient information. Cloud faxing services are compatible with different EHR systems. They allow for effective communication and easy exchange of patient information.

EHRs should enable interoperability to enhance communication between different healthcare providers in an ideal world. Despite adopting individual EHRs across medical facilities and hospitals, interoperability challenges continue to exist. Cloud faxing technology can simplify this.

Enables Direct Embedding into EHRs

Cloud faxing enables healthcare providers to embed the system directly into their respective EHRs, thereby providing interoperability between the different EHR systems. There are different APIs to integrate the data from faxes into the electronic health records automatically.

Healthcare facilities that have cloud faxing integrated into their EHRs, can receive, send, and store faxes with ease within their systems. They can even send data to others while ensuring the security of the information.

Centralized Data Storage

Cloud faxing allows healthcare providers to look at user documentation in one centralized repository. This helps with the timely use of information and makes it easy for users with the right authorization to access it. 

Provides Data In A Structured Way

One of the problems with traditional communication is that it lacks consistent structure. Lack of infrastructure can impact the effective transmission of information. Cloud faxing has consistently compatible structures that ensure various facilities are able to access and use the same patient information.

Increases Efficiency

Maximizing efficiency becomes critical when different healthcare systems have to work in sync. Cloud fax systems reduce the need for keeping physical records, scanning, filing, and waiting. They also reduce the need for integrating data manually and disposing of hard-copy records.

Secures Sensitive Information

Cloud faxing systems are HIPPA compliant. They ensure end-to-end encryption of sensitive data. They only allow authorized users to access the data. Healthcare providers can be at peace knowing that their data is well-protected and safe. offers enterprise cloud faxing to help healthcare facilities communicate across various channels. Our system has features that help healthcare providers with effective communication. We are available through value-added resellers across the country and help healthcare facilities with automation, information exchange, and management solutions.


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