Internet Faxing is Way Better than Email

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December 2, 2020
Internet Faxing is Way Better than Email

Are you still stuck with a fax machine and have not started using e-faxing? There are many people who assume that online faxing is the same as using an email. This is understandable and the operability of online faxes appears to be the same as that of sending emails. However, there is a huge difference. Internet faxing is way better and safer than email.

Email is Riskier

With the world being transformed into a global village, email has become one of the main ways of communication. As a matter of fact, most businesses prefer to use email to send and receive information. What you may not be aware of is the fact that emails are not entirely secure and pose a huge risk. Email accounts are constantly being hacked and there are so many crooks that will phish and conduct scams using emails. These are some of the risks associated with emails and this makes online faxing a better option.

Online Faxes Will Get to the Intended Recipients

Did you know that most organizations have put up firewalls and filters to protect themselves from online scammers? As a result, any information that appears to be suspicious is blocked and may end up in the spam folders. This means that even vital information may erroneously end up being flagged and rerouted to the junk mailbox. There are many reasons why emails are blocked and in some cases, it is a false positive. However, any document that is sent using online faxes will not get spammed and will therefore get to the recipient.

Speedy Signing of Documents

The world seems to be in the fast lane and time is of the essence. With e-faxing, getting documents signed is much easier and faster. You can finalize any legal documents and contracts in a short while with the online faxing option. Sadly, emails are not considered to be a medium that can be used to transmit legally binding documents. Online faxes, however, allow users to send and receive, and sign documents using their digital signatures. As long as the users have an online faxing account, it becomes easier to append an online signature on any type of document.

As you can see, there are so many benefits of using online faxing in the modern world. You no longer have to wait for a fax to come through your fax machine. You can eliminate the need of using fax machines and getting supplies, which will aid the process of sending faxes. Online faxes are safer and better than emails as well and you can enjoy superior security and improved productivity. It is evident that internet faxing beats email hands down and would be a great choice for your business.

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