Old School Fax Machines Are A Thing Of The Past

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December 14, 2020
Old School Fax Machines Are A Thing Of The Past

Throw out that old fax machine that might be costing you money and holding the business down. Did you know you can send and receive faxes without a fax machine and without a telephone line. Skip the phone line, skip the paper usage, and skip having to have a large machine that constantly requires repair or maintenance. Cloud fax is the technology that makes receiving and sending faxes easier and more efficient than ever. 

Throw Out the Stand Alone Fax Machines

It is time to throw out the large machines and skip right to the cloud fax -based programs, apps, and software that can offer the best of faxing and other services. These faxing services are available through any internet connected device that will connect to the cloud fax service via email or via an app. Whether a smartphone, tablet, or computer; you can send and receive as many faxes as are needed with the computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets that you already have. No need to purchase stand alone fax machines. 

Simple and Secure

Send faxes through an app that offers a way to securely and easily send the document with one step. No need for a lengthy process. You can upload, edit, and send easily and efficiently, making the office and employees more productive. This will help them focus on more tasks that are important rather than spending so much time sending a fax.

Benefit From Cloud-Based Faxing

There are many benefits and reasons for a business or office setting to use cloud-based faxing over traditional faxing. Find out these benefits for yourself to see if you should make the switch for your business. 

  • Reduce the expenses and times spent on maintaining, installing, and upgrades of having a fax machine in the office. 
  • Make edits and change anything on the fax before you send it with the interface that allows complete user control.
  • Have a more efficient, streamlined performance when sending the information through the Cloud.
  • Send faxes securely from your device rather than printing paper and having it sitting out in the open. 
  • Cut the overall costs of sending a fax.
  • No need for a dedicated analog fax line and skip the long-distance fees to send them.
  • More productivity in the office overall with fewer machines and less printing and photocopying required by the employees.

Take a step towards the best in innovation and technology for this year. Choose to update your office and give your employees the best products and software to use. Boost effectiveness and efficiency with cloud-based faxing. 

If you want to know more about cloud-based faxing, visit https://www.egoldfax.com. Learn more about this new technology and what to expect from it. Sign up for an account and start reducing the waste and being more efficient in all that you do at the office today. 


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