Understanding How Fax Machines Work

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December 14, 2020
Understanding How Fax Machines Work

Did you know that faxing is one of the processes that have been around for more than a century? This has proved to be one of the safest ways of transmitting documents from one person to another. As a matter of fact, this is considered to be one of the oldest technologies still in use. However, you no longer have a reason to be trapped with an old fax machine to enjoy this service. You can easily send faxes online in the same way that you send emails. Even better, there are mobile apps that make it convenient for users to send faxes using their mobile devices.

Seeing the technology is still in play, it makes sense to try and understand how fax machines work. The fax machine is designed in such a way that it has to read your document before it can send it. Ideally, the machine will check the document and capture what is on the document before dispatching it to the recipient. When a document is loaded into the fax machine, there is a photosensor that will view the document as small squares. The information on the tiny squares will either be in black or white and this will be recorded by the machine.

If you have an old fax machine, you will notice that it keeps rotating the drum when the paper is being fed. During this time, each of the squares is read before the fax machine moves to the next line. As soon as the document has been read and recorded, the machine will now convert the images of the small squared to sequential audio tones. These tones will vary and will depict if the color of the square is black or white. When this process is completed, the fax machine is ready to transmit the document to the recipient.

How Do Fax Machines Send Faxes?

Have you been wondering if your fax machine looks like a telephone? Well, to be able to send a fax document, your machine has to be connected to the conventional telephone network. You will be required to dial the recipient’s number from your fax machine so that the two machines can establish a connection. Once connected, the audio tones will be sent over the phone to the recipient’s fax machine. 

Now you understand the annoying screeching noises that come from your machine as it is getting commands on what to print; either black or white. This is what it takes to send and receive a fax using the fax machine. Can this be changed? Yes, there is a better alternative; online faxing.

Upgrade to Modern Internet Faxing

Say goodbye to the annoying noises that come from the fax machines and embrace online faxing. You need to move with the times and upgrade to modern faxing, which is faster and convenient. Technology has improved the communication industry and you can now move on from the old technology. Get started with online faxing and you will have no use for your fax machine. 


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