What Makes Online Faxing A Better Choice

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August 3, 2021
What Makes Online Faxing A Better Choice

Online faxing is a relatively new way for people to send documents and reports across the world. Fax machines have been widely used since the very beginning of the 20th century, but just like almost everything else in this day and age, technology has improved it greatly. It may seem like the only email that can be sent over computer networks (the Internet) these days, but there is still another form of communication that most people tend to forget: the business telephone call. By using various online fax services through the Internet, you can finally eliminate your need for business telephones as well as physical fax machines that take up space on your desk!

A quick search on Google will show you many sites that offer such service for free or with a paid subscription. One of the most convenient online faxing services is provided by egoldfax.com, a company that offers free fax numbers for all people in the United States. However, this online faxing site is not just limited to the USA; you can actually use any e-mail address on earth and create an account with them and send documents. It's usually pretty easy to find out if your country has an online fax provider or not (many do), but here are some basic steps:

  • Find an online fax service
  • Create your own room number
  • Send documents

The convenience of egoldfax.com lies in the fact that you do not need to set up an account before using its online fax services, but they do offer paid subscription plans on their website if you would prefer one of those instead. Here are some other benefits of online faxing:

Online Fax Services are Convenient

Compared to the old way of sending a business report through your phone line via modem communication (the most popular way back in the 1980s), all you need now is an Internet connection and a fast enough computer or laptop from which you can transmit documents wirelessly.

Online Fax Services are Safe

One of the biggest fears that people have when it comes to faxing is that their information may be intercepted by someone else along its way, such as a hacker through your email or a stranger who gains access to one of your office computers. With online fax services, however, all you need to do is ensure that you're typing in the correct URL and using codes that are also correct for it to send properly. Also, all services will provide encryption software so there won't even be any signature/coding info left on the document itself where anyone could gain access.

Online Fax Services are Affordable

Online fax services tend to be very affordable so you can finally stop paying for expensive phone services and you can send reports and important documents at a very reasonable price.

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