Why Choose Cloud Faxing

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November 17, 2020
Why Choose Cloud Faxing

Faxing is one of the ways of sending messages from one point to another. Traditionally, one had to print the document to be faxed and use a fax machine to send it over. However, the times have changed and now you can use a faster and simpler method known as email faxing. With this new method, you just need an internet connection and you can send and receive fax messages on the go. There are so many benefits of cloud faxing and we want to look at some of the reasons why you should choose this option.

Superior Security

If you are concerned about sharing confidential information, then email faxing should answer your concerns. This system only uses PDF and TIF attachments to transmit information, which is secure. Unlike ordinary email messages, online faxing has encrypted attachments, which are attached and can be sent to electronic devices or regular fax machines. The print out will be the same as an ordinary fax document. The documents are secure and the information will only be read by the intended recipient.

Faster Faxing

Speed is one of the benefits that you will enjoy with email faxing and this can save you a lot of time. Rather than having to wait around to print a document and send it through your fax machine, cloud faxing can allow you to send any document from your computer or mobile device on the go. All that is required is an internet connection and you will be good to go. With the traditional fax machine, if a fax is canceled, it will not get delivered unless someone feeds it to the machine. However, with email faxing, you can just hit the send button again to complete the process. As such, there are a lot of conveniences that come with email faxing and you will not need to wait in line.

Extensive Savings

While you may not notice it right away, conventional faxing is quite expensive as you will need paper and toners, on the least. There is the cost of regular maintenance and repairs of the fax machine and this can take up so much of your time. With modern cloud faxing, there is no need for paper or a fax machine. As such, this eliminates a lot of costs, as you can read and store your documents in the cloud. Even when you need to print out the fax, you can choose the specific pages that have the most relevant information to be printed out. Ultimately, you will enjoy great savings as you will not need a lot of supplies for email faxing.

Is Cloud Faxing Right For You?

Online faxing is perfect for anyone who would want to use a regular fax machine. The biggest advantage of email faxing is the fact that you will not need faxing supplies and machines to accomplish this. This can be done using a computer and an internet connection. It is time to make the big switch to cloud faxing.

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